Graphic art

Designing captivating, informative, and beautiful scientific presentations became a passion of mine during graduate school. When attending professional meetings, I quickly noticed the presentation styles that captured my attention and those that fell short. For me, how the information is conveyed visually is just as important the verbal or written delivery. I started re-thinking my presentations entirely - most of which, at the time, fell into the “standard” format most scientists are taught as part of their training. The dreaded IMRaD. The new style I adopted was image and graphics-heavy, but I had a hard time locating existing, open-source graphics in a style that suited me and were the organisms that I studied. So, I set out to make my own.

After many long nights of futzing around in Illustrator, I slowly cobbled together the skills necessary to make the content that I wanted. As it turns out, a few other folks in the bumble bee world felt the same way and reached out to use some of the content that I created. As such, I’m posting things here so that folks can use them in their presentations and manuscripts as needed. I do ask, however, that you provide attribution as these took some time to make!

Do you have an idea for a graphic that you want to talk about? Please reach out! I’d love to do some “commission” work with folks across taxa and scientific areas.

To download scalable vector graphics (.svg) or plain images (.png), please go to this Google Drive folder.

Bumble bee life cycle

Bumble bee colony

Bumble bees of the eastern United States

Other bees and insects